BARSOM YAŠT, in the liturgical manuscripts of the Avesta the name of the second hād (chapter) of the Yasna. According to Darmesteter (I, p. 7), Yasna 2 as well as the following Yasna 3-4 (Srōš darūn) comple­ment Yasna 1, which announces to the gods the sacrifice. Yasna 2 draws their attention to the libation (zaoθra) and the barəsman, Yasna 3 to other offerings, and in Yasna 4 the offerings are consecrated to the gods. Yasna 2-3 are characterized by the formula āyese yešti “I seek/call (hither) NN by means of the sacrifice,” Pahlavi translation xwāhēm ō ēn yazišn “I call (hither) to this worship,” contrasting with the formulas niuuaēδaiiemi hankāraiiemi “I dedicate, I accomplish” (this sacrifice for NN) of Yasna 1 and pairica dadəmahī āca vaēδaiiamahī “we present, we dedicate” of Yasna 3. The objects of the call in Yasna 2 are first the libation and the barsom, then Ahura Mazdā, the Aməša Spəntas, and the other divine beings.


(P. O. Skjærvø)

Originally Published: December 15, 1988

Last Updated: December 15, 1988

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