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BARQ (lightning), the name of three Persian newspapers.

1. A daily newspaper founded in Tehran in Šawwāl, 1328/October, 1910, by Sayyed Żīāʾ-al-Dīn Ṭabāṭabāʾī (q.v.) as a replacement for his newspaper Šarq, which had been suppressed. Like Šarq it consisted of three pages in Persian and one in French, and its tone was revolutionary. It was also suppressed, in Rabīʿ II, 1329/April, 1911, and immediately replaced by Raʿd,which in due course suffered the same fate. In Ḏu’l-qaʿda, 1331/October, 1913, Barq reappeared brief­ly, and in the following month changed its name to Raʿd, which continued until 1335/1917, when Sayyed Żīāʾ was tried and although acquitted found it politic to leave the country for a while. On his return Raʿd reappeared but the title Barq was not used again. Sayyed Żīāʾ became the first prime minister immediately after the 1921 coup d’état, spearheaded by Reżā Khan (later Reżā Shah).

2. A thrice-weekly newspaper concerned with social questions, founded by Ḡolām-Ḥosayn Moṣāḥab in Tehran in Ordībehešt, 1322/May, 1943, but suppressed some months later. It reappeared briefly in Ḵordād, 1325/June, 1946 as a substitute for the right-wing Āzād.

3. A women’s journal founded in the 1330s/1950s by Amīn Moʾayyad.



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