AUTIYĀRA, name of a district (Old Persian dah-yāuš) of the satrapy Armina of the Achaemenid empire; this Old Persian form (attested only in DB 2.58f.; see Kent, OldPersian, pp. 122, 124) is rendered as Elamite h.Ha-u-ti-ya-ru-iš and Babylonian KURú-ti-ia-a-ri (completely preserved only in the fragment BE 3627, line 2; see E. N. von Voigtlander, The Bisitun Inscription of Darius the Great. Babylonian Version, in Corp. Inscr. Iran. I/II, Texts I, London, 1978, p. 63). In this region, Vaumisa, one of the generals loyal to Darius I, overthrew the Armenian rebel army, which he had already defeated some months before in Assyria. The localization of the district and the etymological interpretation of its name remain uncertain; the connection with that of the Tīārī Kurds (proposed by H. C. Rawlinson, JRAS 11, 1849, pp. 71f.) is wholly speculative.



R. Schmitt, “"Armenische" Namen in altpersischen Quellen,” Annual of Armenian Linguistics 1, 1980, p. 12

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اوتیاره    awotiareh aoutiareh


(R. Schmitt)

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