ANDĪMEŠK (also ANDĀMEŠ, ANDĀLMEŠK), the name of medieval Dezfūl. Modern Andīmešk is the former village of Ṣāleḥābād, 8 km northwest of Dezfūl. Lying at the foot of the Zagros mountains (altitude 160 m) it owes its recent growth (7,324 inhabitants in 1956, 16,195 in 1966) to its location as the site of an important station on the Trans-Iranian Railway in 1929 which served as the starting point for further construction across the mountains. During World War II it became a transfer point for petroleum bound north for Russia; to reduce railroad traffic, a pipeline was built from Ābādān to Andīmešk, where the petroleum was transferred to trucks or trains, an arrangement that continued until the pipeline was extended through the mountains to Tehran in l955. Today the town derives its livelihood from the presence of military bases and a large factory for railroad ties, begun as a Franco-Iranian venture. The recently created township of Andīmešk does not own any real estate; neighboring lands belong primarily to the inhabitants of Dezfūl.


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