ʿAFĪF, ŠAMS SERĀJ (d. ca. 802/1399), author of Tārīḵ-eFīrūzšāhī, a Persian life of Fīrūz Shah Toḡloq (r. 752-90/1351-88). Like his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him, ʿAfīf served the Toḡloq court at Delhi in various capacities. His work betrays a fond attachment to Fīrūz Shah, since it portrays even his shortcomings as virtues. Its importance lies more in its detailed descriptions of the events, the social customs, the political atmosphere, and the agricultural, commercial, and industrial conditions of the country. Most of the work’s manuscripts, as well as the printed edition, are incomplete. An exception is the copy in the Āṣafīya library, which contains all ninety sections (five qesms, each of which is divided into eighteen moqaddemas). ʿAfīf was also the author of other historical works, none of which is extant (Storey, I/1, pp. 510-11).


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(N. H. Zaidi)

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