ʿADĀLAT (“Justice”), name of several periodicals.

1. A weekly, illustrated, lithographed magazine published in Tabrīz in 1906 as the successor to al-Ḥadīd (founded in 1897 and revived in 1905 by Āqā Sayyed Moḥammad Šabestarī. After the constitutional revolution the name was changed to ʿAdālat, under the editorship of Mīrzā Maḥmūd Khan Ḥakkākbāšī. Later it was edited by Mīrzā Sayyed Ḥosayn Khan, who was also responsible for Ṣoḥbat and Ḵabar. After three years of publication it fell foul of the Tabrīz Anǰoman because of an article advocating women’s emancipation, and was suppressed. It also published a Turkish supplement, Anā Ḏīlī.

2. A newspaper founded in Šīrāz in 1920 by Sayyed Moḥammad Ḥasan ʿAdālat, a teacher at the Madrasa-ye Ḵān, who had become a member of the Šīrāz Democrat Party in 1914. Publication continued until 1929.

3. A newspaper published in Tehran in 1942 by Ebrāhīm Ḵᵛāǰa-Nūrī as the organ of the ʿAdālat Party. It did not reappear after the general suppression of newspapers at the end of 1942, being replaced subsequently by Bahrām and Nedā-ye ʿAdālat.


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