Viva Iranica!

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A legacy of giving to our cultural heritage all year long.

VIVA IRANICA! is a new fundraising campaign by the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation to ensure the completion of the Encyclopaedia Iranica founded by Ehsan Yarshater in 1973.  We are now asking each and every Iranian to be the leader of a circle of giving at various levels.

You may download and print the Viva Iranica pledge form by clicking here.

Iranica Club 1000

This is our only legacy level dating back to 1991.  Iranians of all ethnic backgrounds and views were asked to pledge $1000 for a minimum of 3 consecutive years for the continuation of this cultural and historical effort.  Each member is recognized in the following fashion:

* Donor's name included as a Club 1000 member in the newsletter of the Center for Iranian Studies, as well as the Encyclopaedia Iranica’s annual report and web site.

* Donor receives a commemorative Plaque and a letter of recognition personally signed by Professor Yarshater.

* Donor is invited to a complimentary special annual event for Club 1000 members held in the city where they live. 

Donor attends all annual Club 1000 events held in different cities around the globe on a complimentary basis.

Donor is notified of all Encyclopaedia Iranica events and galas held in different cities around the world. 

* Donor receives a selection of three books published by Bibliotheca Persica, including Highlights of Persian Art, ed. R. Etinghausen and E. Yarshater or the Encyclopaedia Iranica fascicle of their choice personally signed by Professor Yarshater. 

* Donor will receive an Iranica logo pin.

Donors can join the Encyclopaedia Iranica Club 1000 LinkedIn group and get to know and network with other Club 1000 members around the globe.

* If donors choose to introduce 5 new Club 1000 members, they become eligible for the “President’s Circle”

Iranica Club 1000 Founding Members Circle

* If you are among the first 50 members of the Club 1000 in your city, you will be considered a Founding Member and your name will be included in the Club 1000 Founding Members Circle on Encyclopaedia Iranica's web site and annual reports.

President’s Circle

President’s Circle members are donors who have donated or pledged at the $15,000 or above to the Encyclopaedia Iranica.  These members will be entitled to all the benefits the Club 1000 members are entitled to plus the following:

* Your name will be announced in the Encyclopedia Iranica’s electronic Newsletter, which has a wide readership among scholars and distinguished Iranians as well as universities and research institutions worldwide.

* You will receive a complete set of the only critical edition of the Shah-nama (ed. by Djalal Khaleghi Motlagh), which is published jointly by the Persian Heritage Foundation and the Center for Iranian Studies in 8 volumes of text and 5 volumes of explanatory notes, a total of 13 volumes in hardcover with gilt stamping.

You will be offered two complimentary seats in a prime location at the Encyclopaedia Iranica gala of your choice.

Iranica 365

This is our new level of giving where a single person can make a huge difference by asking their closest friends and family members to join them in giving $365 a year.  You can become the leader of your giving circle.  Upon completion of your pledge, instead of being solicited again, you are asked to invite your circle members to ask their circle to join.  At this level, the person who has accumulated the most amounts of pledges will be invited to a dinner with Professor Yarshater in New York City with hotel accommodations provided and a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Columbia University.  In addition, your name will be acknowledged on Encyclopaedia Iranica’s website and you will receive an Iranica pin.

Iranica 180

At this level, all Iranians are asked to pledge 50 cents a day or $180 a year.  Upon completion of your first year, you are asked to send a pledge form to friends inviting them to join your circle or form their own circles.

At this level, the person who has accumulated the highest amount of pledges for Encyclopaedia Iranica will be awarded a full year of membership at the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Louvre Museum (Paris), The Smithsonian (Washington D.C), or the British Museum (London). 

Iranica 90

At this level, the youngest Iranians under the age of 25, from across the world are asked to pledge 25 cents a day or $90 a year and upon completion of their first year, they are asked to send a pledge to 90 people asking them to do the same via their Facebook, twitter, email, etc.  This can be widely spread around all student campuses around the world.

The most prized benefit of this level is two tickets to a sought after Iranian event of choice to the person who collects the most amount of pledges and who registers their pledges on and votes for the event of their choice.