Printed Volumes


The printed version of the Encyclopædia is published by the Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation and is distributed on its behalf by Eisenbrauns, Inc., based in the state of Indiana. The Encyclopædia can be subscribed to and received either by fascicles (soft-bound sections of 125 two-column pages) or bound volumes. Every four months, a new fascicle, and every 18 months, a new volume is published. Fascicles cost $38 each while bound volumes of six fascicles cost $250 each. Please note that the first five Volumes, consisting of 8 fascicles or more, are priced at $340 each. These prices are far below the cost of production.  Each copy of an Encyclopædia volume costs over $700 to produce and is sold for a little more than one-third of its production cost. The difference is met through grants and contributions. 

You can order the printed volumes from our distributor, Eisenbrauns, either online or by contacting them at the following address:

Eisenbrauns Inc.
P.O. Box 275
Winona Lake, IN 46590-0275
Phone: (574) 269-2011
Fax: (574) 269-6788