Printed Volumes


The printed version of the Encyclopædia is published by the Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation. The Encyclopædia can be subscribed to and received either in fascicles (soft-bound sections of 125 two-column pages) or bound volumes. Our goal is to publish 2-3 fascicles per year, and a complete volume every two years.  Fascicles currently cost $38 each while bound volumes of six fascicles cost $250 each. Please note that the first five volumes, consisting of 8 fascicles or more, are priced at $340 each. These prices are far below the cost of production, which is subsidized through grants and contributions.

The former distributor for the printed version of the Encyclopaedia, Eisenbrauns Inc., has ceased operation; arrangements for a new distributor will be announced here as soon as possible.