Professor Patricia Crone (1945-2015)

With great sadness my colleagues and I note the passing of Professor Patricia Crone of the Institute for Advanced Study on Saturday, 11 July 2015.  There have already been thoughtful and heartfelt tributes, not only to Professor Crone’s outstanding contributions to scholarship, but also to her remarkable personal virtues of courage, humanity, and dedicated concern for others—students, colleagues, and friends alike.

At the Center for Iranian Studies we have been fortunate enough to have her as one of the outstanding contributors to the Encyclopædia Iranica and as a staunch supporter for our project over the past decades. We mourn her loss deeply.

We would like to offer our condolences to her family—in particular, to her sister Mrs. Diana Crone Frank of New York City with whom, and in her characteristically valiant manner, she made a most moving documentary about her illness as a patient and as a historian (information at: It is a source of solace as well as inspiration for us all.

An obituary of Professor Crone is posted by the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, at

For a tribute by Professor (emeritus) Judith Herrin, published this year in the festschrift for Professor Crone, see

E. Yarshater