Nancy Dupree 1927-2017

Nancy DupreeWe have learned, to our deep regret, of the death of Nancy Dupree on 10 September 2017.  Nancy and her husband Louis (d. 1989) were both enthusiastic contributors to the Encyclopaedia of articles on Afghanistan, as witnessed by Nancy’s entries on Afghanistan viii. Archeology, Bāḡ iv. In Afghanistan, the Čehel Sotun palace in Kabul, Clothing xiii. In Afghanistan, a three-part entry on Etiquette, Family Planning, and Festivals x. In Afghanistan.

Another of Nancy’s works, The National Museum of Afghanistan: An Illustrated Guide, co-authored with A. A. Motamedi in 1974, remains a valuable resource for information on its rich holdings, including many that are now lost.

At Nancy’s request, Iranica recently donated a 15-volume set of the printed encyclopaedia to the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University, which was her main project in her later years (Statement On The Death Of Nancy Hatch Dupree 1927-2017). Donations made to the Louis and Nancy Hatch Dupree Foundation ( will assist development of the ACKU.