Iraj Afshar (1925-2011)

Iraj afshar

Iraj Afshar, the renowned bibliographer and prominent expert in medieval and modern Persian manuscripts, as well as prolific editor of Persian texts, passed away on Wednesday, March 9, 2011,  at the age of 86 at Jam Hospital in Tehran.

For over 30 years, Iraj Afshar served with tireless determination and unmatched diligence as the editor of Iran’s pioneering and influential book review journal Rāhnemā-ye Ketāb, which was founded by Ehsan Yarshater in 1958. He continued its publication for several years as Āyandeh during the post-Revolution period.

Known as the doyen of Persian language bibliographers, Afshar played a significant supporting role in the development of Iranian Studies around the world in the last half-century. .

He was a Consulting Editor of and contributor to the Encyclopædia Iranica. He was also on the advisory council of the journal Iranian Studies.

Iraj Afshar was the first recipient of the Life Achievement Award of the International Society for Iranian Studies in 2006, granted to the prominent scholars in the field of Iranian Studies living and working in Iran.

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