Auditor and Reports


O'Connor Davies, LLP ( was selected as the external auditor of the Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation (EIF) by its Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2013. It is an accounting firm that has 7 locations and generated $63.5 million U.S.-based revenue in 2011, which is roughly the average for all accounting firms. O'Connor Davies, LLP employs 400 employees, and all 400 of those employees work in the United States, which is 50 more than the average for all accounting firms. The firm offers the following auditing services: financial accounting, financial statement audit, internal audit, regulatory compliance and reporting, and employee benefit plan audit. Additionally, the firm serves the following industries: non-profit organizations (such as EIF), asset management, financial services, health industries, hospitality and leisure, government/public sector, technology, building, construction, real estate, manufacturing.


The following annual reports for EIF are currently available. Please click on a link to download a pdf file version:


2010 compared with 2009
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2011 compared with 2010
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