Dr. Abtin Sassanfar

Dr. Abtin Sassanfar, the Vice-President of the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation and a veteran researcher of Zoroastrianism and its holy book, Avesta, has recently completed his publication of the Gāthās’ translation into Persian and the detailed explanation of its words and phrases in a large handsome boxed volume of 1174 pages.

This is a book, which can serve scholars and researchers as well as the general public who want to know what the hymns of Zoroaster are about. The explanations are very detailed consisting of linguistic, analysis of words and phrases, and their meaning and interpretation. It will no doubt help Zoroastrian studies in Iran as well as speakers of Persian elsewhere.

Dr. Sassanfar is to be congratulated on this singular achievement, which is the result of long years of study.

To purchase this publication, please do a search on the EAN barcode: 978-964-2763-58-0.