list of all the figure and plate images in the Z entries



Entry Image Caption
ZAND DYNASTY Figure 1. Portrait of Karim Khan Zand (© British Library Board, MS Or. 4938; Rieu, Persian Manuscripts, Supp., p. 262).
ZARUDNIĬ, NIKOLAĬ ALEKSEEVICH Figure 1. Nikolaĭ Alekseevich Zarudniĭ.
ZENDA BE GUR Figure 1. Book cover of ZENDA BE GUR.
ZHUKOVSKIĬ, VALENTIN ALEKSEEVICH Figure 1. A portrait of Valentin Alekseevich Zhukovskiĭ.
ZIGGURAT Figure 1. Tepe Sialk, view to the north, undated. Photograph by M. Schicht. After Stöllner, I, p. 205, fig. 7.
ZIGGURAT Figure 2. Choga Zanbil, undated. Photograph courtesy of Georg Gerster.
ZIGGURAT Figure 3. Zabil, reconstruction. Drawing by J.-H. Sixtus. After Ghirshman, 1966, p. 60, fig. 40.
ZIGGURAT Figure 4. Zabil, building phase 1. Drawing by J.-H. Sixtus. After Ghirshman, 1966, p. 41, fig. 27.
ZIGGURAT Figure 5. Choga Zabil, building phase 2. Drawing by J.-H. Sixtus. After Ghirshman, 1966, p. 43, fig. 29.
ZIGGURAT Figure 6. , platform. Drawing by F. Hole and N. Kouchoukos. After Harper, p. 27, fig. 23.
ZIGGURAT Figure 7. Tepe, terrace complexes I and II. Excavation grid by W. Kleiss, first published with wrong orientation in Negahban, plan 2. After the corrected version in Stöllner, I, p. 300, fig. 3.
ZIGGURAT Figure 8. vessel, Jiroft (?), architectural decoration. After Majidzadeh, 2003, p. 71, no. 71.
ZODIAC Figure 1. Illustration of the zodiac in the Bundahišn, TD1, fol. 20 v.
ZODIAC Figure 2. Illustration of the zodiac in the Bundahišn, ed. and tr. M. Bahar, 1990, p. 58.
ZODIAC Figure 3. horoscope of the world, after D. N. MacKenzie, "Zoroastrian Astrology in the ‘Bundahišn’," BSOAS27/3, 1964, p. 514.
ZOROASTER vi. As perceived by later Zoroastrians Figure 1. Zoroaster depicted on a wall-hanging, from a portrait of the prophet popular in the late 19th century.
ZOROASTER vi. Figure 2. Portrayal of Zarathuπtra, found in Karaka’s History of the Parsis, which depicts the prophet in the guise of one of the sculptured figures at Tāq-e Bostān.


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