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    Ch. Albright

    a cylindrical-bore, double-reed wind instrument about 35 cm long with seven finger holes and one thumb hole, played in eastern Azerbaijan in Iran and in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • Armenian Šuštari

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  • Tajnis

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  • Šeyḵāni-Asuri

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    C. E. Bosworth

    author of a general history in Persian valuable as a first-hand source for the history of the Ghurids, the Šamsi Delhi Sultans, and the irruption of the Mongols into the eastern Islamic lands.


    Peter Jackson

    (fl. 1350), Indo-Muslim poet writing in Persian.

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    a collection of music samples with their related entries on The Encyclopaedia Iranica.

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  • ʿĀŠEQ

    C. F. Albright

    in Azerbaijan, Iran, and the Republic of Azerbaijan, a poet and minstrel who accompanies his singing on a long-necked, fretted, plucked chordophone known as a sāz.


    Peter Jackson

    (d. 1236), first Sultan of Delhi.


    C. E. Bosworth

    an extensive general history composed in Persian by  b. Serāj-al-Din Jowzjāni, who for the first part of his career lived in Ḡur under the Ghurid sultans and latterly in Muslim India under the Moʿezzi or Šamsi Delhi sultans.