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  • ŠAHNĀZI, ʿAbd-al-Ḥosayn

    Morteżā Ḥoseyni Dehkordi

    (1905-1948) musician and performer of the tār (a plucked long-necked lute).

  • ŠAHNĀZI, ʿAli Akbar

    Morteżā Ḥoseyni Dehkordi

    (1897-1984), master musician, renowned teacher, and composer of Persian classical music.


    Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi

    (lit. “Lady of the Land,” i.e., of Persia), said to be the daughter of Yazdegerd III (r. 632-51), the last Sasanian king.


    Touraj Daryaee

    (The Provincial Capitals of Iran), the only major surviving Middle Persian text on geography.


    William W. Malandra

    name of one of the Amahraspandān in Zoroastrianism. This is the Middle Persian form of the name deriving from Av. Xšaθra Vairya, meaning literally “dominion to be chosen” and more freely “choice/desirable/best dominion.”


    Lotfali Khonji

    journalist, political figure, and university professor.


    Keith Hitchins

    (Mir ʿĀbed Sayyedā Nasafi), Tajik poet (d. Bukhara, between 1707 and 1711).


    C. Edmund Bosworth

    a district of eastern Transcaucasia, now within the northwesternmost part of the present-day Republic of Azerbaijan, where the modern town of Sheki or Shaki.


    Christopher Tuplin

    island west of Athens and site of a major naval battle in 480 BCE between the Greeks and the Persian fleet of Xerxes I. Salamis was the second of five battles of the Greco-Persian War of 480-79.

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  • SALEMANN, Carl Hermann

    D. Durkin-Meisterernst

    (in Russian: Zaleman, Karl Germanovitsh; 1849-1916, a leading Iranist scholar of his time, specializing in Middle and early Modern Persian. His tenacity and willingness to publish his results quickly contributed greatly to the advancement of the study of the newly found texts from Central Asia, thereby ensuring the very progress that would make some parts of his work obsolete.

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