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    Vanessa Martin

    (1843-1909), a prominent jurist who campaigned in the Constitutional Revolution of 1906-1909 for constitutionalism according to the šariʿa (canonical laws of Islam)and in its default, preferred absolutism to secularism.

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    Max Klimburg

    (Nurestān), the “Land of Light,” a region to the northeast of Afghanistan, imbedded in the Hindu Kush valleys to the south of its main ridge.

  • NUTS


    See ĀJĪL.

  • NYBERG, Henrik Samuel

    Carlo G. Cereti

    (1889-1974),  Swedish scholar of extremely broad interests, competent in a number of different fields, in both Semitic and Iranian studies.

  • Nakisā va Bārbad

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  • Newroz

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  • Nowhe of Men's Mourning

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  • Nowhe Zeynab

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  • Nowruze-ḵuni

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  • Neydāwud – Māhur

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