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    See BŪZĪNA.

  • MOOREY, Peter Roger Stuart

    John Curtis

    Moorey sat on various administrative bodies and received many distinctions. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1967. Reflecting his involvement with Iranian studies and related fields, he was a member of the Governing Council of the British Institute of Persian Studies and a Trustee of the Lukonin Memorial Fund.

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    Patricia Crone

    (lit. “the veiled one,” d. 163/780 or later), leader of a rebellious movement in Sogdiana.


    Morteza Hosayni Dehkordi and Parvin Loloi

    (Dawn bird), a taṣnif (song) in māhur mode,  probably written for its music around 1921, when the first signs of dictatorship were appearing.


    Habib Borjian

    district covering the Pamir Plateau in eastern Tajikistan, of which it is the administrative center. 

  • MORGENSTIERNE, Georg Valentin von Munthe af

    Fridrick Thordarson

    Norwegian linguist and orientalist, specializing in Indo-Iranian languages, particularly those spoken in Afghanistan, the Pamirs, and the northwest of the Indian subcontinent (1892-1978).

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    C. Edmund Bosworth

    a dynasty of Deylamite origin.  Its original center of power was at Šamirān in the district of Ṭārom on the middle course of the Safidrud river in the region of Deylam, but it subsequently extended its authority over a large part of northwestern Iran.


    Ḥasan Mirʿābedini

    (1904-1978), author of Iran’s first social novel.


    Saeid Rezvani

    In 1945 Moshiri began to work for the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. He continued to pursue his education while employed, enrolling in the ministry’s technical school. Moshiri received his diploma in 1965 and enrolled at the then Faculty of Literature of Tehran University, but he never completed the course of study, switching to journalism instead.

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  • MOSTA’AN, Hosayn-Qoli

    Ḥasan Mirʿābedini

    (1904-1983), noted serial writer, journalist, and translator.