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    Farhad Daftary

    Markazi Province, a village located about 35 km northeast of Anjedān and northwest of Maḥallāt in central Iran, with ruins of a fairly large caravanserai.


    Donald D. Leslie

    medieval capital of the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) and home of a Judeo-Persian community.


    Siddieq Noorzoy

    dam built on the Helmand River as a part of the multi-faceted projects aimed at the development of the Helmand Valley.

  • KĀK

    Etrat Elahi and Eir.

    a general term applied to several kinds of flat bread or small, often thin, dry cakes variously shaped and made.


    Arley Loewen

    the customs and characteristics of a kāka—a vagabond or vigilante characterized by the ideals of chivalry, courage, generosity, and loyalty.

  • KĀKĀʾI

    Philip G. Kreyenbroek

    a term used both for a tribal federation and for a religious group in Iraqi Kurdistan. 


    Pierre Oberling

    a Lor tribe of the Delfān group, settled in the Piškuh region of Luristan (Lorestān), as well as west of Qazvin and in the Ṭārom region.


    S. J. Badakhchani

    Ismaʿili poet and preacher of 17th-century Persia (d. after 1646). He was born in Dizbād, a village in the hills half way between Mashhad and Nišāpur.


    Zahra Taheri

    a strictly popular order of Persian dervishes, favored by artisans and shopkeepers. The name “Ḵāksār” (lit. ‘dust-like’) was probably chosen to figuratively denote a lowly, humble, and modest person.


    Bahram Grami

    a medicinal plant from the mustard family. Two kinds have been identified, the common and the bitter one which is considered weed. The effects are believed to be on heart, voice, throat, and diarrhea.