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    (1927-1986) Iranian translator and scholar of Persian and Arabic.

  • KHAKSAR, Mansur

    Khosrow Davami

    poet, writer, editor and political activist. Khaksar completed his primary and secondary education in Abadan, and had two eminent Persian poets, Maḥmud Mošref Tehrāni and Ḥassan Pastā, as his teachers in the last two years of high school. In 1959, his first poem was published in Omid-e Irān, a noted weekly journal published by Moḥammad Āṣemi in Tehran.


    Multiple Authors

    The Khalaj are usually referred to as Turks, but Josef Marquart (pp. 251-54) claimed that they were remnants of the Hephthalite confederation. This entry is divided into two sections: i. Tribe Originating in Turkistan.  ii. Language.


    Pierre Oberling

    tribe originating from Turkistan, generally referred to as Turks but possibly Indo-Iranian.

  • KHALAJ ii. Language

    Michael Knüppel

    spoken by the inhabitants of Khalaj, located approximately 250 km to the southwest of Tehran.


    Lolita Nehru

    in Surxondaryo prov., southern Uzbekistan, site of a settlement and palace of the nomad Yuezhi, with paintings and sculptures of the mid-1st century BCE. The Yuezhi, and perhaps other nomad groups, overthrew the Hellenistic Greek dynasty which had ruled there since the mid-3rd century as successor to the post-Achaemenid governments of Alexander and the Seleucids.

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  • KHALILI, Abbas

    Ḥasan Mirʿābedini

    (1895-1971), political activist, journalist, translator, poet, and novelist.


    Marcel Bazin

    the southeasternmost district of Azerbaijan.  Its main city and administrative center, Heruābād, is located at lat 37°28′ N, long 48°31′ E. 


    ʿAbd-al-Ḥosayn Āḏarang and EIr

    prominent scholar of Persian language and literature, poet, essayist, translator, literary critic, university professor, and founding editor of the periodical Soḵan.

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    Alvand Bahari

    (1922-2010), Persian logician and scholar and a permanent member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature (Farhangestān-e zabān va adab-e fārsi). His works range from Manṭeq-e ṣuri (Formal logic, 1959) to translations of Porphyry’s Isagoge and Aristotle’s Categories (2005) and a critical edition of Mollā Ṣadrā’s Iqāẓ-al-nāʾemin (2008).

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