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    Michael Alram

    coins struck from the late fourth to the early eighth century by successive Central Asian invaders (so-called Iranian Huns) of northeastern Iran and northwestern India. It must be emphasized that our knowledge of these Central Asian nomads is, to a certain extent, still vague; and the research on their history is controversial.

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  • HUNS

    Martin Schottky

    collective term for horsemen of various origins leading a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle, thought to have descended from the Hsiung-nu, a nomadic people first mentioned in Chinese sources in 318 BCE.


    Multiple Authors

    Persian has two terms for hunting, naḵjīr and šekār, both of which have spread beyond Iranian languages.

  • HUNTING IN IRAN i. In the pre-Islamic Period

    A. Shapur Shahbazi

    Persian has two terms for hunting, naḵjīr and šekār, both of which have spread beyond Iranian languages. i. In the pre-Islamic Period.

  • HUNTING IN IRAN ii. In the Islamic Period


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    Ursula Sims-Williams

    American geographer (1876-1947). In Central Asia ihe collected extensive data and acquired several manuscripts and wooden documents in Kharoṣṭhī, Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Khotanese.

  • HUR

    Nassereddin Parvin

    name of a newspaper (1943-45) and a bilingual (Persian and Armenian) monthly journal (1971-74).


    Rüdiger Schmitt

    versatile German scholar, whose fields included Old Iranian and Elamite studies (1869-1930).

  • HUŠT

    Mary Boyce and Firoze Kotwal

    Zoroastrian-Persian term for the area (in known practice a town-quarter, a village, or a group of villages) assigned to a priest.



    Upon his return to Persia with his German wife, Sirazi was employed as professor in the newly established University of Tehran. As a devoted and enthusiastic educator and author, his life, until his early death, was spent on energetically teaching his students and on introducing certain texts of German literature to Persian readers.

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