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    Gerd Gropp

    or Domoko; administrative center of the eastern region of the Khotan oasis in Chinese Turkestan.

  • DUMÉZIL, Georges

    Bruce Lincoln

     (1898-1986), French comparatist philologist and religious studies scholar. Among the most significant later modifications in Dumézil's views was his decision to abandon the claim that Indo-European society was originally divided into three functional groupings.

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  • DUNG

    Willem Floor

    human and animal excrement, widely used in Persia and Afghanistan for fuel and fertilizer.


    Multiple Authors

    an oasis town situated in the northwest of the Chinese province of Gansu, famous for the nearby Mogao Caves.

  • DUNHUANG i. The cave sites; Manichean texts

    Gunner Mikkelsen

    The Mogao Caves are located some 25 km from Dunhuang at the edge of the Dunes of the Singing Sands (Mingshashan) of the Gobi desert. These contain over 45,000 square meters of predominantly Buddhist murals and more than 2,000 Buddhist painted stucco sculptures.

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  • DUNHUANG ii. Buddhist and Other Texts in Iranian Languages

    Yutaka Yoshida

    The library cave in Dunhuang has yielded a number of texts of the 8th to 10th centuries in two Middle Iranian languages, Khotanese and Sogdian.


    Klaus Fischer

    or Dong Qešlaq; group of pre-Islamic and Islamic archeological sites on the Emām Ṣāḥeb plain in the Qondūz province of Afghanistan, about 10 km south of the Oxus.


    David B. Edwards

    Following the completion of his Ph.D. degree, Dupree taught at the Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base and Pennsylvania State University. Between 1959 and 1983 he was affiliated with the American Universities Field Staff (A.U.F.S.) as its expert on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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