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    Bernard O’Kane

    name commonly applied to a large tomb tower of the Saljuq period situated near Ray.


    Žāla Āmuzgār

    maṯnawi by Anuširavān b. Marzbān Rāvari (17th century), who wrote poems on several subjects relating to the Zoroastrian religion and uses several Zoroastrian terms here.

  • BOROUGH, Christopher

    Parvin Loloi

    (fl. 1579-1587), English merchant and linguist who traveled to Russia and Persia as an interpreter with the sixth voyage by the Muscovy Company to establish trade with these countries.


    Bo Utas

    (ca. 1770-ca. 1838), Polish officer in the Persian army, said to have been fatally injured by a bullet in the abdomen during the second siege of Herat in 1837-38.


    Hamid Algar

    (Ar. Borqoʿī), AYATOLLAH ʿALĪ-AKBAR (b. 1900), religious leader of the postwar period to whom leftist tendencies were imputed and whose name became embroiled in a significant incident in Qom in January, 1953.



    See BORJ.


    Eckart Ehlers

    (or Barūjerd), town and šahrestān in the province of Lorestān in western Iran. It has always been a road and railway junction of great strategic importance.


    Multiple Authors

    town and sub-province in Lorestan Province in western Iran.

  • BORUJERD ii. Population, 1956-2011

    Mohammad Hossein Nejatian

    This article deals with the following population characteristics of Borujerd: population growth from 1956 to 2011, age structure, average household size, literacy rate, and economic activity status.

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    Hamid Algar

    b. Moḥammad-Reżā Ḥosaynī, Shiʿite scholar of the Qajar period (d. ca. 1860); his main work was  a collection of chronograms on the deaths of famous transmitters of ḥadīṯ.